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The Chickens

We currently have 19 hens here, along with our cockerel Larry, who is a handsome and well-mannered boy. Our chickens are great to have around and provide a real sense of hustle and bustle to the open yard and barn. They also provide us with wonderful truly free-range eggs. Our hens come from various places. We usually take on ex-battery chickens from rescue organisations or take in the odd chicken here and there who needs a new home for whatever reason – some are being bullied where they live or owners have decided to stop keeping chickens, etc.

Rosie and Jim.jpg

Rosie & Jim

Rosie & Jim are Emus who arrived here over 20 years ago after new owners took over the land they were on and did not wish to keep them. They are beautiful and curious birds who like to see what is going on in every corner of their field. They do not like human contact, although they show no signs of aggression at all, which is fortunate. We do not know how old Rosie and Jim are, although they were adults when they arrived so must be getting on a bit now!

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