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We would welcome donations to help towards the cost of getting our new field ready for the sheep (story below).

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Project Manager Vacancy

Posted: September 17, 2016 by Siobhan   -   Comments Off on Project Manager Vacancy

MOSSBURN COMMUNITY FARM requires a PROJECT AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGER to take forward a Learning With Horses/Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Programme.
This post is fully funded for a three year period.
Job description and further information can be obtained by email tomossburnanimalcentre2@hotmail.com and thereafter applications should be made in writing enclosing full CV and 2 references.
Closing date for applications 21.9.16

Double Trouble!

Posted: April 11, 2016 by Siobhan   -   Comments Off on Double Trouble!

Five years ago we rescued two young Shetland stallions who were in quite a bad way, after being brought back to condition and castrated the lovely Skye went out on loan as companion to a bigger horse.  Recently the horse Skye was companion to died and Skye himself needed a companion and his “borrower” appealed to us to see if we knew of anything.  A great friend and supporter of Mossburn did know of something and without me seeing him Puzzle went to join Skye as his new companion.  Recently I went to sign Puzzle up under a Mossburn loan agreement and on being taken into the stable where the ponies were sharing a loose box was astounded to find two Skye’s!!  I was challenged to guess which pony was actually Skye and I got it wrong!!   The ponies took to one another immediately and are the very best of friends.

Rural Mural

Posted: March 26, 2016 by Siobhan   -   Comments Off on Rural Mural

As part of Dumfries and Galloway Council’s Arts Department annual Spring Fling it was decided to invite street painters from Germany to paint three murals on walls near roads where they could be easily seen. Our Landlord here at Mossburn has a sister who is herself an artist and she, with our agreement, nominated the back of our tack/feed room/shop wall for the enterprise and it was selected from among many other nominations. Hence on the week beginning the 14th of March (2016) two German street artists and a local artist from Langholm, Rory Laycock, turned up to transform our bleak white wall into what you see here. Watching the process was very interesting and the end result is a love it hate it sort of scenario! It stands for exchange, playground, circus, jazz, communication, not necessarily in that order. It is very colourful and vibrant and we are quite sure will bring in a lot of people to Mossburn for a closer look.
As part of the exercise a sculpture also had to be made and the one you see here was constructed from all sorts of unwanted wood and bits and pieces, the result I am assured is a pigeon coop with the blue deck chair on the top connecting to the sky. We are a bit worried that when the midges appear shortly and our three sweet itch victims start to scratch that the pigeon coop will become more of a handy scratching post but we have asked the horses nicely to avoid it if they can!
The other two Rural Murals can be seen at Moniaive and Ringford.