This is Daisy our mother to be.

Here at Mossburn we have a very strict non breeding policy, there are enough unwanted animals in the world without us adding to them.  Daisy came to us thirteen years ago and has spent the last ten of them in the same loan home, under the terms of our loan agreements our horses may not be bred from.  Despite this it was brought to our attention that her “borrower” was running her with a stallion, when questioned he said the stallion had only just broken into her field two days previously, the “borrower” had a bad leg and could not do anything about it so he was told the mare would be collected and brought home.  It is possible to give a horse who has just been served what is known as a misalliance injection to get rid of the pregnancy and our vet duly arrived to administer the injection.  We however were suspicious and asked him to give the mare an internal examination prior to the injection, just as well we did as the vet found a foal of about six to seven months growth and there was no way we would try to abort a baby so fully formed.  We cannot be exact about when the foal will be born but we are thinking late March early April and will keep you informed.  Needless to say all our young volunteers are absolutely delighted that there is going to be a foal here.  It is just to be hoped that as a maiden mare of eighteen Daisy foals safely.