New pygmy goat


At Mossburn Community Farm we rescue and rehome misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals.  Why not foster your favourite animal? You will get:

  • A personal letter from your chosen animal, with their own signature!
  • Your own personalised Certificate of Fostering
  • The chance to visit your new friend at Mossburn whenever you like.

One years foster is just £2 a month.
It’s quick, it’s easy and it really, really makes a difference to their lives.

£24.00 for the year.


Raafaé came to us in autumn 2017, the much loved pet of a family who still, and always will, visit him regularly. These people rescued Raafaé from a farm park where he was in a very neglected condition. They acquired him as companion to another goat they had, which unfortunately died some time later. This meant Raafaé was then  on his own and as the mum of the family suffers ill health it was decided that rather than get another goat it would be ideal if Raafaé could be rehomed on premises where he could be visited. Raafaé is a very attractive pygmy goat who has settled in well and loves being with other goats, but equally loves his human friends and family.