Our Philosophy

Here at Mossburn, our philosophy is that all life, whether it is animal, insect, plant or human, is precious and deserves to be treated with respect, care, kindness, concern and empathy.

We also appreciate the natural order of the ecosystem and make intense efforts to operate in complete harmony with our environment. On both a personal and professional level, we diligently strive to implement the best possible animal and human welfare practices throughout our organisation and to spread the vital message of animal welfare to our members, donors, friends, colleagues and associates, as well as to our local and worldwide communities.

Our first priority is always the quality of those lives in our care. All of us here at Mossburn thoroughly appreciate every financial and volunteer service contribution that we receive. 100% of every donation made to Mossburn is channelled directly into the care, accommodation, maintenance and improvement of our residents and animal-human welfare projects. A full disclosure of Mossburn’s budget is viewable here. As is evident by viewing the statement of accounts, Mossburn operates at an economically prudent level. We also participate in beneficial trade agreements and endorsements whenever possible to decrease expenditures while still obtaining the best goods and services required for the well-being of our charges.

While Mossburn does not support or condone any form of cruelty, neglect or prejudice towards animals or humans, we are aware that there are organisations in existence that either incorporate such practices, such as animal testing and mass-production farming, directly into daily operations themselves or do business with organisations that perform those careless and outdated acts. We also realize that implementing alternative cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly practices and, in essence, changing the operational and economic structure of such an established organisation (particularly large worldwide corporations), takes commitment, time and money.

At Mossburn, we do carefully research the organisations with which we do business to ensure that they are either currently cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly or are actively taking steps to become cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly companies. We welcome the opportunity to spread the message of animal, human and environmental welfare and to support the efforts of these organisations on their way to sound humane and environmental business practices.