Mossburn’s latest addition and new “star” attraction.

Cute is hardly an adequate word to describe this adorable baby goat who has been generating a fair number of comments on our Facebook page but cute as she is her story is a tragic one.

Maple was brought in to us on Tuesday the 31st of January, she was no more than three days old.  A gamekeeper from the Durisdeer area had seen a nanny goat with kid at foot being followed by another kid who was bleating pitifully, he realised at once something was wrong and took a look round to see how the second kid had been separated from its mother.  Unfortunatly he found the mother dead, entangled in a fence, she had probably broken her neck in her efforts to escape from the fence.  The gamekeeper managed with a lot of effort to catch the orphan and took it home to his family where they debated keeping her as a pet but then decided, quite rightly, that she should be reared with other goats so they rang here and asked us to take her. When she arrived Maple, as her rescuers had named her, was bottle fed then put in with an old male goat who recently lost his companion, Horace seemed not to mind being asked to baby sit and it made Maple see that she was indeed a feral (wild) goat and not a human baby despite the fact that the milk source was indeed by human hands.  As she got stronger Maple tried to suckle from Horace and at that point he did object so although she still shares a pen with him she now has a cage to seperate her from him.  Once she is weaned we hope Horace will allow her to remain in his pen so she has constant goat company.