Double Trouble!

Five years ago we rescued two young Shetland stallions who were in quite a bad way, after being brought back to condition and castrated the lovely Skye went out on loan as companion to a bigger horse.  Recently the horse Skye was companion to died and Skye himself needed a companion and his “borrower” appealed to us to see if we knew of anything.  A great friend and supporter of Mossburn did know of something and without me seeing him Puzzle went to join Skye as his new companion.  Recently I went to sign Puzzle up under a Mossburn loan agreement and on being taken into the stable where the ponies were sharing a loose box was astounded to find two Skye’s!!  I was challenged to guess which pony was actually Skye and I got it wrong!!   The ponies took to one another immediately and are the very best of friends.