Award for Mossburn’s Founder

On Tuesday the 18th October 2011 our founder and manager Juanita Wilson went to The House of Lords to be presented with the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Community Award for her services to animal welfare.  Pictured here with Juanita are Baroness Gale who presented the award, Brian May who read the citation and Robbie Marsland the Uk Director for IFAW.  Juanita’s reaction on being told of the award was at first one of bewildered amazement, she does what she does because she is dedicated to animals and their welfare and knows of the therapeutic benefits people can derive by working and being with animals. However once she had become accustomed to the fact that her work was to be recognised with an award she felt honoured and pleased and sums up the actual day of the ceremony for you here.


“It was a lovely sunny day in London and my cousin, who accompanied me as my guest to the award ceremony, and I alighted from a bus in Parliament Square to begin our search for the entrance we had to take into The Houses of Parliament, we had not walked far when my skirt, with no warning whatsoever, fell down, so sudden was the event that I just walked out of it much to the huge amusement of a passing taxi driver!!  What an auspicious start to a great day, I can only hope that those in charge of the CCTV cameras don’t post the incident on YouTube!  Things could only get better after that which indeed they did.  What an honour to meet and have my photograph taken with Brian May, if I had not seen him on Countryfile a couple of weeks previously I would not have known who he was but I certainly do now and I have to say he struck me as being a true gentleman, I bent his ear a little about the plight of these poor so called “micro” pigs.  And Brian was not the only legend present as another of the award winners was no less a legend than Rolf Harris as you will see from the group photograph.  Rolf received his award for his lifetime services to animal welfare.


After the ceremony we were given a tour of the House of Lords and sat in the public gallery to hear some of that days debate, after that Barnoness Gale gave us tea in the Lords dining room, delicious and very entertaining as we “Lord and Lady” spotted.  It was an amazing experience and I feel honoured to have been given it, I hope the resulting publicity will bring benefits to Mossburn and the work that the team that makes the place what it is strive to do here.