Lots of people collect pigs, china pigs, porcelain pigs, plaster pigs, plastic pigs, pictures of pigs, pet pigs and now micro pigs. We collect the unwanted pet pigs and the micro pigs; THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MICRO PIG. People who are out to exploit the craze in pigs as pets are breeding runt pigs on runt pigs in order to try and reduce their size, all piglets fit in a teacup and are cute, all piglets grow, some enormous and some just big! Meet our pigs in this section!

Did you know that 80% of all horses and ponies offered for sale on the open market in this country go for meat? That is eighty out of every hundred. There are a lot of horses in this country and a lot of people buy them who do not know how to look after them properly.Horses and ponies come to us sometimes because they have been cruelly treated; sometimes because they have been neglected – usually through ignorance; sometimes because they have problems, but usually because their owners cannot keep them anymore and are terrified that if they sell them they will end up on the meat market.

Here at Mossburn each horse or pony that comes to us is thoroughly assessed and the problems sorted out, the animal is then offered for adoption. We never sell our horses. People who adopt them have to sign a legal agreement with us and give them back to us if for any reason they cannot, or do not wish to keep them, or if we think they are not looking after them properly. Meet the horses and ponies here!

“My rabbit is vicious, it bites everyone who goes near it.” ” My guinea pigs have had babies could you please take them off our hands.” These are the pleas most often made to us, we take in an awful lot of rabbits and guinea pigs but fortunately we re-home a lot of them to responsible, kind homes. Often when people go into a garden centre or shop and buy a pet it is impulse buying, if they contact us looking for one they have given the matter some thought…. meet the Small Furries.

There is a popular belief that goats will eat anything and that they are very easy to look after. Goats will eat THE BEST of anything, which is quite often in yours, or your neighbour’s garden! Easy to keep? … well, goats are quite complex in reality and do need specialised care. Goats are herd animals, they are unhappy on their own and we think that is why, when they arrive at Mossburn, they often become much better behaved….. meet the Goats here.

Why would cattle need to come to a rescue centre, after all they are not pets, not like ponies or guinea pigs or goats, or are they? Think up some reasons why cattle might need to come to a rescue centre before clicking onto this page, and see if you were right.
We think you might be in for a bit of a surprise!… meet the Cattle

We have a small flock of sheep living here at Mossburn, that came to us for a variety of reasons. Meet the sheep here!

Juanita always said that she never wanted poultry about the place because of the mess they made particularly in nice newly laid straw beds. Then along came the first geese, a few ducks and a hen and cockerel or two and the rest is history!! There is a great deal of unwanted poultry about, usually of the male variety. Meet the Poultry here.

Meet Tessa, our Tortoise, here