About Us

Mossburn Community Farm was originally set up in 1987 to provide help for misused, abused, unwanted and neglected horses and ponies as well as young people with physical and mental problems.This original remit was later widened, and we now care for all domestic animals except cats, dogs and donkeys which have their own specific charities.

Aims and objectives

Our aims are:

  • To enhance the lives of people and animals.
  • To provide a safe and secure environment for unwanted and neglected, misused and abused animals
  • To provide practical support.
  • To provide information and advice.
  • To provide a safe, calm and clean working environment for disadvantaged young people to benefit from handling and working with animals.
  • To educate people, particularly children about sound animal care and management.

In pursuit of the above, our objectives are:

  • To provide assistance through Mossburn Animal Centre for the care and welfare of the animals.
  • To provide activities on a wide range of animal topics aimed at informing, advising, educating and enabling participants to develop their knowledge of animals.
  • To provide placements for people referred from education psychological services, social work, childrens’ homes.
  • To provide projects and facilities for schools to allow children to learn about and care for animals.