A New Field and Some Field Shelter News!

Our main news from this year is that our landlord has made available an additional 7 acres to us. This field, which is 2 minutes up the road, grew Christmas trees for some years and many of these had become overgrown and of no use. The landlord said that if we had the trees pulled out and the field treated, fed and reseeded, he would rent it to us. The process has been very expensive but we received a £4,000 grant from a trust in England to enable us to have most of the work carried out. We still need help as the field has to have a new water supply and fencing, but this field will be a really useful addition to our present, rather small, acreage.

We are happy to tell you that Eli has his new field shelter, mainly thanks to two major donations – one of £1000 from a supporter and the other from Forest Enterprises who supplied the wood cladding. We are very grateful to all who contributed in any way, and Eli would like you to know that he hasn’t coughed once this Winter, and is very happy sharing his field shelter with his new companion Emily (pictured here). We have another resident who actually thinks the field shelter was built for his benefit, and that   is Melvin the llama, who has taken over half the shelter, and we think poos and pees in Eli and Emily’s half as his is always immaculate!

Warning! Our new flock of elderly sheep will need a field shelter in our new field, details of which follow now. At the same time as we were preparing our recently acquired 7 acres of land from tree growing to grass, we had a telephone call from New York from a lady desperate to rehome her 13 head of rare breed sheep. Because our new field will only be suitable for small animals for at least a year, it suited us very well to take this little flock, though we were unable to look after them for the Winter, but a friend with plenty of grazing stepped in to help. These sheep are all elderly but much loved and we hope when they come home after the Winter they will be happy here.