A message from Juanita

For those of you who follow us regularly you will know that I took the man who deliberately ran our mare Daisy with a stallion to court for breaking clause 4 of our loan agreement which stated clearly that our horses may not be bred from. Daisy was brought home immediately I heard she was running with a stallion and was found to be about five months pregnant, she finally foaled a filly on the 28th April 2012 so it has taken a long time for me to resolve the issue. I was recently granted £3,078 by Dumfries Sheriff Court which by no means covers our out of pocket expenses as far as the foal goes but in my mind proves a valid point, that agreements should not be broken. I feel Daisy is vindicated not that she feels she needs to be as she loves that baby of hers to bits but the having of her could have killed and old and maiden mare. The sum awarded us sounds very nice but in fact the man responsible for paying it is already in a debt repayment scheme meaning he has been living above his means and on other people’s money for a long time and we have been awarded £23.99 a month for the next 116 months – something one supposes being better than nothing!!!

Catriena is a well grown three year old now and is broken in and riding nicely. Whatever hopes I had of finding her a nice loan home are gone as there is no way on earth I could separate her from her loving and doting mother, it would break Daisy’s heart so Catriena is destined to a life of hacking and helping with our Learning with Horses therapy work.

My thanks are due to Andy Vietch from Dryfe Vets Ltd who came to the last of my court appearances as an expert witness but was not called to give evidence, that does not alter the fact that, out of the kindness of his heart, he gave up half a day on Mossburn’s behalf and we are very grateful to him.