Rosie & Jim

At Mossburn Community Farm we rescue and rehome misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals.  Why not foster your favourite animal? You will get:

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£24.00 for the year.


Rosie & Jim are Emus, Emus are very, very strong birds. Six men cannot control a fighting emu and their feet are lethal if they make kicking contact – they have the ability to disembowel a person. Transporting them then is not easy and in order to accomplish their relocation with as little stress as possible a vet who is licensed to dart gun was called in. Unfortunately as the vet did not stay around long enough to see the results of his tranquilising only one of the birds became tranquil enough to handle and was eventually wrapped in chicken wire, loaded into a van and brought here.

It took two weeks for an arrangement to be made to collect the second bird and when we all arrived to assist we discovered no vet had been called to attend nor was any plan made to effect a quick, safe and stress free removal of the bird except for the fact it had not been fed for a week in the hope that would quieten it down sufficiently to allow itself to be handled. I don’t think I have to go into detail of my opinion of this treatment.

To cut a woeful story short our then joiner who runs Mossburn Workshop took in the situation and announced that he was going to build a cage there and then, fortunately he had three sheets of galvanised mesh intended for a dog kennel with him and this was utilised to build the cage.

On completion the emu was trapped between hand held chain link fencing and the fence of its enclosure, the cage put in place, the fence cut and the emu rolled into the cage which then had a fourth side lowered and tied on and the bird was then able to stand up and be loaded into a horse trailer and brought here. The reunion of the two birds was touching to watch though the second one did remain a little stressed for a day or two. Both birds are now well settled and happy and we have now put a gate from their enclosure into the three acre field next door to give them the freedom to roam about in a larger area.

They have been on a diet of corn and bread, the latter in large quantities, we have reduced the amount of bread they get to half a loaf each a day of quality brown bread (it is what I buy for myself) plus as much corn as they want and tinned sweet corn which they love. We are introducing bits of other fruit and vegetables to see what else they like to eat but so far things like apples, pears, cabbage and carrot have been treated with disdain!

Rosie and Jim are friendly birds, they like human contact and have shown no signs of aggression at all which is fortunate especially in view of the way they had been treated prior to coming here, evidently emus have a brain the size of a pea which could account for the fact they do not bear grudges!

It is lucky for them that we hold an exemption zoo licence and were able to offer them a home and lucky for us that we now have two such beautiful birds in our care.