At Mossburn Community Farm we rescue and rehome misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals.  Why not foster your favourite animal? You will get:

  • A personal letter from your chosen animal, with their own signature!
  • Your own personalised Certificate of Fostering
  • The chance to visit your new friend at Mossburn whenever you like.

One years foster is just £2 a month.
It’s quick, it’s easy and it really, really makes a difference to their lives.

£24.00 for the year.


Lulu arrived with Coco in 2009, but we sadly had to have Coco put to sleep towards the end of 2016.

Lulu is a Vietnamese Pot bellied pig with a bit of something else, VPB’s have squashed noses as opposed to snouts. She is a very friendly pig and her former owners visit regularly, despite living hours away from Mossburn. Coco and Lulu were bred by a current so called micro pig breeder as miniature pigs and sold at over three hundred pounds each to a couple who had very clearly told him that they only had a small house and garden, he actually sold them as miniature house pigs! Well these two having outgrown the house were then built a shed and given the run of the garden, they soon trashed it and their owners who absolutely loved them to bits grew desperate as they realised that they would no longer be able to accommodate them.
Can you believe the heartbreak of it slowly dawning on you that though you truly love them you can no longer give the required space to your two pets simply because you do not have it and moving is not an option? Lynne and Kevin did not even email or phone us, they arrived to plead their case and eventually Coco and Lulu arrived also and took up residence. As a point of interest they came from the same breeder as Lilly, the so called micro pig who had to be put to sleep at only 4 years old.