Lucky and Rosie

At Mossburn Community Farm we rescue and rehome misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals.  Why not foster your favourite animal? You will get:

  • A personal letter from your chosen animal, with their own signature!
  • Your own personalised Certificate of Fostering
  • The chance to visit your new friend at Mossburn whenever you like.

One years foster is just £2 a month.
It’s quick, it’s easy and it really, really makes a difference to their lives.

£24.00 for the year.


You will surprised to hear that Lucky and Rosie were purchased as micropigs! And as you can see, although they are not enormous, they are not ‘micro’ either! They came to us in September 2015 as their owners were selling up their country house that had land to move into town. They are very loved pets and their owners are ensuring that the cost of their feed goes into our bank every month, which makes it so much easier for us to rescue. Lucky has become a bit of a favourite here, as she is a wanderer and you never know where she might turn up! When she had just arrived with her new owners, she ran away and ended up getting hit by a car. The injuries sustained seemed to inhibit her eating process, but since coming here she is eating well and has put on weight. Our vets cannot find anything actually wrong with her, though the amount of exercise she takes is enough to keep anybody slim – maybe we should all take note!

Rosie, who is Lucky’s sister is an independent, lovely, fat pink pig who does her own thing. She and Lucky only ever meet up when they go to bed at night. As you can tell from the background of Rosie’s picture, her favourite pastime is digging, which is not a favourite with us! But she does seem to limit herself to one small area – long may it last! She is an affectionate wee pig who has also wormed her way into our affections.