At Mossburn Community Farm we rescue and rehome misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals.  Why not foster your favourite animal? You will get:

  • A personal letter from your chosen animal, with their own signature!
  • Your own personalised Certificate of Fostering
  • The chance to visit your new friend at Mossburn whenever you like.

One years foster is just £2 a month.
It’s quick, it’s easy and it really, really makes a difference to their lives.

£24.00 for the year.


This is baby Joe, well he is not really a baby but when he arrived we were unsure of his age, so our retired vet who breeds Highlands soon put us right and said he was between 2 and 2 and a half years old. Anyway our bullock Blue regards him as a baby that needs looking after and that is why we call him baby Joe. He came here to be a companion to Blue who was very depressed after losing his up to then lifetime companion Levi, in fact Blue was so depressed we were seriously concerned about him. We looked long and hard for a male companion without results until Juanita remembered our good friends over at Queensbury Bay Caravan Park, Joanne and John, and sure enough they came up with the goods. As a present from Joanne and with a vet called Jo to look after his needs our new bullock could not be named anything but Joe. Blue was over the moon when Joe arrived here on the 6th of January 2015 and took on a new lease of life. Although Joe had always been well cared for he had not been handled and to suddenly find himself surrounded by humans who wanted to pet him made him feel a little nervous and he used Blue to hide behind which made Blue feel very important as “the Great Protector!” Joe is still a bit nervous but is coming round with the aid of digestive biscuits. Again on the advice of our retired vet we have bought him a cattle comb and he will now submit to his forelock being combed, we are sure he will soon become very friendly, there is not an ounce of badness in him.