George Pig

At Mossburn Community Farm we rescue and rehome misused, abused, unwanted and neglected animals.  Why not foster your favourite animal? You will get:

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£24.00 for the year.


Guess what?  Another so called micro pig!  George came to us recently from Ayrshire where as usual he had outgrown the family home his breeder of course having told the purchasers that this piglet would never grow big.  This breeder also told the unsuspecting purchasers that the piglet had been castrated and we only agreed to take George on as a castrated male.  Unfortunatly Juanita was away when George arrived and she came home to be told that he was quite aggressive with the other pigs except for the females who he appeared to like, he liked them especially when he managed to break out of his pen one night and join Coco and Lulu in theirs!!   It is quite cruel to castrate a year old pig as you cannot effectively anesthetise them but he could not stay here entire and the job had to be done and the vet did it as humanely as possible and George does not appear to be in any way resentful.  His operation cost us nearly two hundred pounds and we had to have Coco and Lulu misalliance injected as well, the cost of people’s lies.  George is a very tall pig, it is difficult to determine exactly what he has been bred from but looks don’t matter he has a wonderfully outgoing nature, is always rushing about around the place George never walks he runs, and he loves humans.  George is quite big now and at only a year old he will of course go on growing.